Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Own Instant Noodles

I'm still stuck at home...
But on days like these,

it feels wonderful to be in a warm house overlooking the winter wonderland outside.

When you sit by the window holding a cup of warm tea, watching the snow drift about outside, then all the world seems to disappear from the map, and all that's left is yourself and the silence falling in whispery sighs outside....

Here's the Russian salad I ate yesterday. I'm definitely planning to make some more soon!

Speaking of making food, I had a really bad craving for instant noodles today, but unfortunately I had none in my kitchen. I racked my brains for a solution. Going downstairs to buy a packet from the Indian deli was one of them. But I decided it was too cold. So I whipped out my cooking talents and voila!

Here's how you make your VERY OWN instant noodles. It's a little less instant than the packaged kind, but trust me, it's a lot healthier. Now I'm a sucker for spicy food, but if you don't like spicy food, you can always leave out the peppers or chilli.
You need:
1) Any kind of dried noodles. Just a handful.
2) One egg.
3) Three big tablespoons of soy sauce.
4) Any kind of sliced meat. Just half a handful of slices will do.
5) One sliced up onion.
6) One clove of garlic, chopped up
7) A handful of dried seaweed or a handful of spinach.
8) One teaspoonful of pepper.
9) Chillis or anything spicy for that extra spice.
10) Two bowls of water.
Extra things you could add according to your likes/dislikes:
1) Hot sauce.
2) Fish sauce.
3) Fish.
4) Spam/ Luncheon meat.
5) Chicken.
Ok this is really easy.
All you need to do is:
1) Get water boiling.
2) Throw in everything but the noodles and spinach.
3) Throw noodles and spinach in after say... 10 minutes?
4) Wait until noodles look edible (taste and adjust flavour according to your liking), then
your food's all ready! Oh my I'm so good...
Alright, knock yourselves out. I'm going to sleep.