Friday, April 25, 2008

America Knows China?

I found this "Run,China- American Natives' Impressions about China" video on Youtube. This video was taken by Rick Curnutt in 2002 in LA. Rick Curnutt is an American who lived in China for 9 years. He made this video to show how much Americans really know about China.

I think the American public needs to learn more about China before they start making conclusions about Tibet and everything else and shoving them in people's faces.

Pollen & Steeplechase

I really can't be a blogger without blogging can I? It just hit my empty head a few minutes ago, so here I am. Blogging my heart and empty head out. As you can see, spring is here in her full glory. Lots of pink flowers everywhere and pollen-allergic people sneezing their heads off.

Too bad for me, I decided a few days ago that I was allergic to pollen too. I've been having a runny nose ever since those cute pink flowers showed themselves around two weeks ago. Not to mention my eyes are itching like crazy.

I'm so not used to this! I thought spring would be nice, but itchy eyes and a runny nose are definitely NOT nice things.

I wish it were summer all year round.

This Sunday, I'll be running my very first steeplechase race. In case you don't know what that is...

It's the funniest race you could ever hope to watch. Before each steeplechase race starts, a large audience is usually already gathered around the waterpit, all excited to watch a poor girl or guy miss his/her footing and fall face first into the murky water. It's a 3km run with 4 barriers to be jumped over, two with waterpits.

I'll be honest, I'm scared shitless. But I'm quite excited!

Instead of being in the audience giggling at falling people, I'll be the one to be giggled at this Sunday. Can't wait though. The weather better be nice!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pregnant Me

I am so pregnant it's not even funny

April Fools'! (To those who cared.)
I know right. How original.