Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun & Games

Some of you are probably sick of hearing me talk about DDR already, but no matter, you can always skip the next few sentences :)

Finally managed to get a AAA the other day. Barely made it too, since AAA scores are 990,000 and above. I was so happy, I wanted to hug everybody in the arcade... But I didn't, because that would be weird. 

Sadly, there have been no repeat AAA performances since that day last week. At most, I'll be scoring 970,000+ on a ESP 11 song and that's only a AA grade. 

Last week TKA Bugis finally got the new DDR2013 upgrade kit and they moved the machine from the back to the front where there is less noise interference from the other machines. The price went up from $1.50 per game to $2.50 per game. Although it's really expensive now, it's still my machine of choice since it's the only one in the whole of Singapore that has e-amusement (an online system which links up the Asian countries with Konami, the company that created and runs DDR). 

Having e-amusement means 
1) Being able to unlock and play new songs
2) Saving high scores under your username
3) Competing with other players' high scores

However, it's just too bad that the DDR machine at TKA Bugis happens to be an old and outdated black cabinet. I wish we could get the HD ones that they have in Japan......

And speaking of Japan, my ordered Tamagotchis finally arrived last week! This one on top is a version 5.

This is a version 3 Tamagotchi. I love the pastel colours on it, makes me feel all happy inside. 

I haven't opened the Tamagotchis from their packaging yet because I'm afraid I won't have much time to play with them.

I opened up and started playing with my mini Digimon though. 

Man, the memories... 

Early this morning I went to Macritchie Reservoir with Alicia (who is my cousin's daughter, so technically she has to call me "Aunt" even though she's almost my age LOL) for a morning jog. It had rained the night before and the air was fresh and cool as a result. 

A mysterious layer of mist hung over the water surface.

In the usual spot where men like to sit and throw bread into the water, a school of fish were silently waiting.

We ran into the rainforest...

Had breakfast at the Mushroom Cafe. My kaya toast came with cornflakes inside. It was kinda weird, but I got used to it. 

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Past Two Weeks

Another month has flown by since my last blog post! 


So much for updating regularly. 

I've been busy with the same old usual things- work, friends, hobbies, etc... Poor blogging has totally been left in the backseat.

Anyways, here are a few highlights from the past week or so.

Dinner In Chinatown

Two weeks ago, I met up with Annie and Alex for dinner at this restaurant called 东北人家 (Dong Bei Ren Jia) in Chinatown. 

Annie wanted us to try it since Alex is from Harbin (a northeastern state in China), and all the food they sell is apparently very northeastern Chinese, and delicious.

The Harbin native recommended that we have this pickled vegetable mutton soup. It's a popular dish round his part of the woods.

It has a very heavy muttony taste to it. Not for the fainthearted for sure, but I really enjoyed it. Though, I'm not sure if other people would like my breath after eating that... 

Some cold dish with veggies and... meat? I think? It tastes as tangy as it looks.

The 面卷 (mian juan) were huge! 

A great replacement for rice, they went well with the other dishes.

Fried tofu in sweet sauce.

Fried chicken in sweet sauce and vinegar. 

Guess you could also call it sweet and sour chicken. 

Alex said that this is a dish that is as typical to Harbin as the hamburger is typical to America. 

Okay, he didn't exactly say that, but you catch the drift.

Breakfast At Killiney Kopitiam

This past Monday, I met Marie Nishi, a Japanese tourist in Singapore. She was waiting for her sister at the hospital. Apparently her sis got food poisoning after having dinner in Little India the night before. 

What a shame huh? 

I took them out for breakfast the next day at Killiney Kopitiam. Wanted to show them a more "Singaporean" side of Singapore!

Le typical breakfast.

IT Show 2013 @ Marina Bay Sands

On Friday, I headed to Marina Bay Sands for the IT Show with Shirley & Alverina. 

Don't think they enjoyed the noisy crowded IT show too much, so we spent more time walking around MBS instead.

Taking photos everywhere we go.

Went up to the fourth floor so we could take more pictures on the deck.

It was sooo hot up there, and windy too.

Told them to strike a "model pose" and this is what I got.

Crazy dancing pose.

Shirley taking a photo of her own reflection.

Just like that!

We finally found Steven at the IT Show after searching around. He told us that he was at the ASUS booth, next to Philips, under Harvey Norman. 

Problem was, almost all the booths in that gigantic place were under Harvey Norman, and there were like a dozen ASUS booths scattered all over the floor. It made spotting Steven even harder than looking for Waldo in a sea of red and white.

Big ups to Shirley for her killer GPS instincts. She pinpointed the exact ASUS booth like a bloodhound on a hunt.

Friday Night Urban

As usual, Friday nights are skating nights. This past Friday a bunch of us met at Bishan MRT.

Our starting point was really at Bishan Park.

Ham giving us a little sliding pose at the gas station.

Ended the night at Tanjong Pagar.

And that's all for now! 

My eyes are dying on me.... Goodnight :)