Saturday, September 27, 2008

Those Days Are Here

It's been dreary out for the past two days. Homework is piling up. I'm losing my motivation for running. Rent is coming up. Time is running out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crazy Cat!

Watch what happens "When Cats Attack".

So my own kitty did a great job of keeping me up last night with her persistent meowing and licking of my face coupled with jumping all over my stomach and back.

I just love her more and more everyday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Shoot

First photoshoot in NYC just over.
Check out Adam's awesome work at
"P.S., I want to clarify one thing: I, the amateur, retouched the photos myself, but these are not the final works. The quality of these pictures are TERRIBLE but trust me, Adam's completed versions will be 100 times more fabulous. I did these on Windows Photo Editor so you can imagine how badly I butchered them..."

I'm pooped. Another late night. Sucks.
I'm off to sleepyland!

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Vague Updates

So I drove through Times Square last week and came back without a scratch. Does that mean I'm a professional now?
Went somewhere fun with fun people that same night. It was a breath of fresh air from my stuffy apartment.
I know they had a blast. I just sat there and people watched a lot all night. People get so interesting in different situations. It's so much more fun than watching tv.

The last few hot days of summer are here and I still haven't gone to the beach. It's sad.

I wish I had money to go shopping for new clothes. I threw out more than half of my closet recently because I found that most of the clothes were too big on me now... I am now officially a size 2! Or actually I have been since last summer...

A lot of people have been making remarks about my weight recently (mostly girls), saying that I'm too thin and whatnot, but all that does is just get me annoyed since I know my own body and I know that I'm healthy.


I know someone out there can identify...

Anyway, life's moving.

Photoshoot tomorrow and agency open calls on Wednesday. Work on Saturday, cross country meet this Sunday... My week is packed!

Toodles. I'm going to go study my current favourite subject: accounting! (I'm not being sarcastic by the way.)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I took this cartoon off somebody's profile. Hilarious!!! Or maybe it's just me...

It's nice to be home. Mine I mean, not my parents'. Still tired, even though I had a nap this afternoon. Goodnight.


I miss Singapore's thunderstorms...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Being Human

The drive back to my parents' place was long and painful. It took me about 2 and a half hours as compared to the usual 1 hour 40 minutes to drive back. The rain caused me a certain degree of trauma as well because it just reminded me of last week's flooding drama....

That aside, God's been looking out for me, and I'm not just saying that. Today I almost fell asleep at the wheel like a million times but everytime, I'd almost hear somebody wake me up right on time. It was really scary.

I don't know why I've been so groggy recently. My appetite has increased two-fold from what it was before and I need slightly less than 12 hours of sleep each day to even feel sane the next morning.

That, of course, is highly un-doable since there are just too many things to do in one day.

Next week, my calendar is actually filled! Which is great because it better be!

My broken heart is slowly mending, and it's gaining momentum as I type. Once in a while the pangs come but they always go. Things that used to seem like a big deal just don't matter anymore. I keep learning new things everyday.

Not to mention, I'm starting to meet some new friends, and we all know that's always exciting.

Fall is arriving at a steady pace. Two mornings ago came the first real chill that I've felt since the summer. You know, the icy air that feels like someone opened the refrigerator door in your face... And today it was cold enough out to wear two jackets. I miss fall! But cold weather means more money for me since I'll have to start paying for heating, as well as a new pair of shoes/boots since I have no warm shoes, only flipflops and sandals. I hate toe-covering shoes, but in cold weather i suppose they are a necessity.

I'm about to fall over in exhaustion. Goodnight everybody. No pictures or videos again... I'm not lazy, just exhausted.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh No! Lazy Blogger!

I'm so sorry guys. My brain has been flickering like a phone battery in water. I can't really operate the "blog awesome posts" side of my brain daily now.

I know.

Excuses excuses.
I used to be so good at updating this pink place every single day.

I have pictures and videos too... Turns out that my camera didn't quite die completely. It returned from the dead! However my phone is a gone case... I had to buy a new one.

Money is flying away but things are looking up.

No promises, but I will update soon!


Last night was a flop and a half. I wish I stayed home, but not really.
Thanks Kairi for coming with me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fast One!

I am almost late for school, but here's a quick update.
It turns out that my camera didn't quite die. It's actually recovering! Slowly but surely...

Tonight is going to be FUN! Tell you why tomorrow.

I actually like accounting. It's weird. But I like putting the numbers and things in order.

Let's see. Oh yes.

кошка had her first period yesterday. I'm so proud of her! Hopefully in a few years she'll have little kittens.

Uh, there's more, but I have to run.
Love you all!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

300!!! Banya, Water, Misery.

Last night was horrible. I don't even want to talk about it, but I will.

In the morning, I drove down to Brooklyn to check out Mariya's lovely hole. Turns out she's got a kitty cat too! Except that hers was about 10 years older and three times the size of кошка.

Mariya also happens to live in an area that I like to call "Jew Town". It was Saturday and the place was swarming with Jews who were completely dressed from head to toe in dark swaths of cloth. Walking down the street made me feel almost as if I were walking through a funeral.

I was wearing a dark coloured dress and tights and I felt so naked.

and I sat around and talked like English ladies over tea (except that there wasn't any tea or garden or flowered hats).

Then I said my goodbyes and left with four nicely indented claw marks in my right hand.

Since I still had the whole day ahead of me, I decided to go to the баня(Russian sauna) for some good relaxation. If you didn't already know, I am quite addicted to the баня. It feels awesome!

Just as I pulled into the баня, raindrops started to fall from the already darkening skies. I thought to myself "hmm, nice... When I get home, hopefully it'll still be raining out so I can relax at home with a warm cup of tea".

Blissfully, I did my thing in the баня, had some борщ (Russian soup), then stepped outside to find that the little drizzle had turned into a hurricane.

I drove gingerly through the streets and faithfully followed my little GPS system, trusting that it would lead me back home safe, sound and dry in no more than 40 minutes.

Turns out that the lovely GPS decided that Newark was the best way home. Newark, by the way, has more people dying there each week than in Iraq (I know I told you this a million times Tanya). NOT FUN!

Here's what happened next.

As I headed towards a major highway out of Newark, I encountered Flood No. 1. I had no choice but to make an illegal U-turn and drive in the wrong direction backwards (it was a one-way street). I tried to take a detour in the next possible direction and ended up in some shitty flooded road again. I repeated my maneuvers but ended up in another flooded street...

Despondent, I decided to ask other drivers for help. Turns out that every single road around me is flooded in.

Ah ha! Then I see a dark little road that is unblocked by the police!

So I go...

And it's SO FLOODED!

A monstrous truck came towards me (I was already sort of in the water's edge) at phenomenal speed and pushed this GIANT WAVE of water over my car! After that giant wave, there were several other waves that sort of pushed the car to the side a little. You have no idea how freaked out I was.

At this point I had already been driving around for 2 hours just trying to look for a way out of the city.

Water started coming through the floors of the car.

I panicked.

In no time, the water was almost at my knees.



GPS had failed me miserably. It kept leading me back to the same blocked exits each time I tried to get out. Eventually I had no choice but to call Tanya on my already messed up phone and ask her to look on an actual map of the area to help me get out.

2 hours later, I was sitting outside my home in the car, traumatised. It should've only taken me 40 minutes to get home! Yet there I was, 4 hours of driving and my brain exhausted from making too many illegal U-turns in one night. At one point of time I was even driving on the pedestrian sidewalk because the road between was flooded.

So now the car drives well but the engine light is on. WHY?!? The car manual says that some cap may be loose but who knows. I am going to get it checked soon.

I spent a half hour last night scooping water out from the car and towel-drying the interior.

Today when I woke up, I spent the morning in a strange state of mind. I couldn't seem to finish a thought/task and was just really confused. I don't know why. I think it's the after effects of the past night.

At 1500 I went for a job interview and got the job. I was training there for about 4 hours then I came home and cooked some awesome dinner.

And the moral of the story is:

1) Always check the weather before making plans for the day.
2) Never NEVER drive ANYWHERE near floodwater.
3) Always fill your cat's food bowl before you leave the house. Just in case.
4) GPS's are still not as good as a regular ol' map.
5) When God tells you to calm down, YOU CALM DOWN!

My thoughts are still slightly incoherent as you can see... I'm just a little overwhelmed by the chain of events.

School tomorrow! Then practice, then work..

Toodles. My life is so dramatic...

I think my camera died, and my phone can't call.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

My Life is a Kleenex

So I feel as if somebody is using my life as an asswipe.

But today I'm going to see Mariya's new hole in Brooklyn and then run off to the баня. It's going to be a great day!
Times are moving fast and life is rushing forward like a crashing river. There's no time to mope or even think about the bridges I've burnt and left behind. Only forward on, soldiers!

Who cares if I'm retarded.

I have abs. Hah.. I really can't get over them...

кошка would like to say hi!